Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's a son!

November 16, 2011 was an exciting day for our family.  Kevin and I were making preparations for our Globe Get-Away.  My parents had driven from Idaho to stay with the kids.  I was at school making final preparations for my substitute the next day.  It was a normal school day.  Until the text came. 

It was from Aaron.  My heart stopped. 
We knew hoped this day was coming.  We prayed this day would come.  And there it was on my phone;

"Hi Julie, its Aaron. Could I by chance get Kevin's number?"

I freaked.  I stopped breathing.  And then I think I screamed quietly.  Luckily the kids were out to recess. I sent the number (hands shaking now) and started gushing about how happy I was for them and how excited we were.  Unluckily, the next text came asking for secrecy:

"Thanks, and don't tell Kelsey."  (more gushing from me about how excited we were).

So, if you got this message from your daughter's suitor, you would assume he was about to ask THE father  THE question.  Right?  I texted Kevin to let him know Aaron was about to call.  Then I waited.  And waited. And waited.  Finally, after 35 minutes I texted Kevin back. 

"Well. . . .. ..? What did Aaron say?"

"Oh he just wanted the name of that restaruant we went to when they were here."

Did you know that there are 285 shades of red visible to the naked eye?  I believe my face turned every one of them.
A painful few minutes passed and then Kevin texted me again:
"Just kidding.  He asked to marry Kelsey."
It's a good thing I was at work.  I might have really slugged him. 
Later that night we got a call from Kelsey saying that Aaron had officially asked her to marry him.  We switched to Skype so we could see the beautiful ring he had picked out. 

Aren't they the cutest couple?  Later I told Aaron about my near-death experience.  He thought it was hillarious since he knows I am usually the joker.  Kevin should know better though; not to play jokes on the joker.  April Fool's day is coming. . .

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